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30 Days of Snail Mail – A Letter Writers Society Challenge

Starting April 1st, 2021 the challenge involves sending one card or letter every day for 30 days! Let’s spread the love! Give some JOY – share the cheer! What do you say?

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Messie Mail connects fellow snail mail enthusiasts with resources and how-to’s to keep you sharing that snail mail love all over the world

The goal of the Letter Writers Society is simple, to encourage people to write more letters. This platform is a way for our members to connect with other like-minded letter writers from all over the world and to create lasting friendships. 

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I love creating decorated mail for my pen pals and am always looking for a shiny new stationary set. I decided to combine these two hobbies and now I create stationery sets for everyone! Shop now.


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We Could All Use a Little Snail Mail Right Now

What the world needs now? Handwritten cards, decorated envelopes, postcards and letters.
I have a love of physical cards and letters. As unglamorous or arty as they come, slow mail that comes in it’s own time.
Yes instant messaging has it’s uses, email is great for efficiency, but the lost art of letter writing and snail mail has a magic all of it’s own. A handwritten note shows that you care – it never fails to bring out a smile.

If you’re in search of a pen pal, why not check out the Letter Writers Society!

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Letter Writing Societies + Clubs

Letter writing societies and clubs keep the tradition of hand written correspondence alive and evolving with events, pen pal groups, special products and more. Join a group in your area to learn about upcoming events, find ephemera items, and get back to the basics of treasured communication. As I find more groups and clubs I’ll … Continue reading Letter Writing Societies + Clubs