I’m Kat, I’m an artist who is obsessed with stationery. I love creating decorated mail for my pen pals and am always looking for a shiny new stationary set. I decided to combine these two hobbies and now I create stationery sets for everyone!

What the world needs now? Handwritten cards, decorated envelopes, postcards and letters.
I have a love of physical cards and letters. As unglamorous or arty as they come, slow mail that comes in it’s own time.

Yes instant messaging has it’s uses, email is great for efficiency, but the lost art of letter writing and snail mail has a magic all of it’s own. A handwritten note shows that you care – it never fails to bring out a smile.
Art and illustration have been major influences for me ever since I could finger paint and read. After struggling to find letter writing sets that fit my personality and long letter writing style I decided to dive in and start making my own. So here I am, spending my spare moments creating stationery I love and sharing it with other people with a passion for post.

There’s just something charming about getting an envelope in the mail. It’s as if somebody gift wrapped their words just for you.

Messie mail is the place to come for how-tos, tips, tricks, and snail mail inspiration!

If you’d like to contact me directly feel free to leave comments on any posts (I read them all) or email me messiemailshop@gmail.com