Messie Mail’ Snail Mail community!

Messie Mail now has a Snail Mail community on Patreon!

Whether you’re already an avid snail mailer or you’re someone looking for long term pen pals, the Messie Mail community is for you! 

I know what it’s like to wait patiently by the mailbox wishing something other than junk or bills would come and make your day. Maybe you want to find a new penpal or start a postcard swap. Perhaps you’re interested in Travelling Postcards or maybe you just want to spend more time being creative and sharing this with people who share your interests. 

In 2018 I was going through a tough time, I was struggling with my self worth, I kept getting sick, and stuck in a self destructive cycle. I was tired of scrolling through social media and flicking through TV channels. It wasn’t until I cleaned out some old boxes that I found some postcards from years earlier. Each had a lovely little message and beautiful stamps and I decided to get back into snail mail. I started following snailmail hashtags on instagram and even set up my own Messie Mail account – This was when Messie Mail was born! I went online and found some new penpals, writing to my new friends was exactly the balm my tired soul needed. Taking a step back, slowing down and handwriting letters makes me feel connected in a way that works for me. 

Always having a love of art and being creative, it didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to design my own letter writing paper, now available on the Etsy Store. My goal is to keep creating fun and affordable designs for my fellow snail mail enthusiasts. I want to connect people who want to enjoy this almost lost art of letter writing and make sure there are plenty of fun goodies coming into your mailbox each month.  

Messie Mail is a passion project, I’ve got a lot of dreams and plans for it and I’ll need your help to make it all a reality. Right now I’m doing all I can to spend free time getting things set up and ready, but I do have a full time job that keeps me busy. I’ve decided to start with Patreon so that I can continue working on paper designs, posts for the website, postcards, and video tutorials for you guys. I want to be able to send you all the goodies you’ve been dreaming about and your patronage will help to cover the costs involved in all of these things.  

Take a look at the package options, I’m sure you’ll find something that will suit you! I can’t wait for YOU to be part of this community! And please, remember you can edit or cancel your pledge at any time!

Visit my Patron by clicking here.

Kat xo

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