How to recycle paper at home

What you need

  • Paper – shopping lists, junk mail, packaging – anything that’s made of paper can be kept ready to recycle into your own stationery. You can use news papers just be warned that the ink will mix in with your paper and the colour will usually turn out grey.
  • Paper recycling kit (you can purchase these or you can create your own). The kit generally contains covered frames (mold), and mesh (called a deckle), that allow you to scoop up the wet paper and set it into the right shape.
  • A plastic tub to hold water, ideally bigger than your frames for ease of use.
  • A bucket to soak your paper.
  • A blender or soup mixer (for shredding your wet paper into a smooth consistency).

Preparation Note: Ideally you will want to soak your paper overnight so that it’s good and ready for you to process using your blender or mixer, however if you’re ready to make paper and you can use hot water, just be careful when mixing it and make sure you allow it to cool before you start working with it.

Includes 6″ x 8″ mold and deckle, supplies to make different patterned and textured bookmarks, a notebook, greeting cards and more.

Step 1

Separate your paper into like colours if you have multiple colours. If you try and use too many colours at once they mix and you will end up with a grey muddy colour.

Step 2

Shred your paper into smaller manageable pieces, the smaller you shred them the easier you’ll make the rest of the process.

Step 3

Place your paper shreds in a bucket and soak the paper in water overnight, if you’ve not time to wait use hot water to soak the paper while you prepare everything else, the longer you can soak it the better but an hour minimum.

Step 4

Ideally having 4 molds and deckles is ideal as you can make 4 sheets before you need to wash them and go again. But you can make paper with just one. Assemble your cold and deckle. Below is a sample image of a mold and deckle and you can click here to see how you can make one yourself.

Inexpensive Forming of Ultra-Thin Paper Tissues | Recycled paper crafts,  Origami paper art, Diy paper

Step 5

Add a cup of your soaked paper to your blender with an extra cup of water. If you’re using a soup mix add a more water to your bucket with soaking paper and start blending. The smaller the paper becomes, the smoother the paper will be.

Step 6

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