Introduce Yourself – Kathryn the Messie Mailer

Hello letter loving folk! I’m Kat (Kathryn for long) and I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. I adore stationery and getting to know people from all over the world through snail mail. While I do also have some email pen pals, there is just nothing quite like sending letters in the post.

Some of my interests include:

  • Reading fiction (chic lit, sifi, fantasy, comics)
  • Designing stationery for my Etsy Store
  • Seeing new movies
  • Overseas travel
  • Gardening
  • Hiking/walking in nature
  • Swimming
  • Writing (both letters and creative story writing)
  • Pen Palling

I live with my sister and her Aussie pup Lacey, we all get along really well which can be a surprise to people. I’m a big fan of having breakfast out at a cafe, filling my day with projects, catch ups, and adventures before getting home and enjoying a quiet night in.

I started creating my own letter writing paper when I found that my letters were often longer than the average stationery kit would account for. I’ve have endless envelopes and no writing paper. After mentioning this to some pen pals and discovering they had similar problems I went ahead and set up my Etsy store. My favourite part is putting together bundles with lots of designs, I can imagine receivers loving them just as much as the senders.

I’ve very lucky to have some amazing pen pals from all over the world! I found them using websites like Snail Mail Pen Pals, Letter Writers Alliance, and Pen Pal World. When the LWA announced it would be closing at the end of 2020, followed soon after by Snail Mail Pen Pals I knew there was still a great need for spaces like these that allow snail mail enthusiasts to connect and find pen pals. So I dove in and decided to start the Letter Writers Society! While I’ve had blogs before I’ve never undertaken something quite like this, it’s outside of my comfort zone and it’s been a really fun learning experience.

I have a lot of hopes for the Letter Writers Society and I hope it does what I’ve set out to do and that’s to encourage people to write more letters. It’s a way for members to connect with other like-minded letter writers from all over the world and to create lasting friendships.

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