Why become a pen pal?

There is nothing quite like getting a personal letter in the mail. It’s a chance to form a connection with someone you wouldn’t otherwise encounter; you’ll learn all kinds of cool things about life in another city or country; and you might wind up with a couch to sleep on if you decide to travel their way some day. One of the best parts, though, … Continue reading Why become a pen pal?

Letter Writing Societies + Clubs

Letter writing societies and clubs keep the tradition of hand written correspondence alive and evolving with events, pen pal groups, special products and more. Join a group in your area to learn about upcoming events, find ephemera items, and get back to the basics of treasured communication. As I find more groups and clubs I’ll add to the list, if you know of a group … Continue reading Letter Writing Societies + Clubs

April is Card & Letter Writing Month

After the craziness of 2020, this year feels like a great year for getting back into fun challenges while doing what we can to keep safe. I am seeing heaps of socials being organised in Australian cities as well as online. I love all of the prep work going into decorated envelopes and I am seeing so many letters being posted. If you’d like to … Continue reading April is Card & Letter Writing Month

30 day Snail Mail Challenge – coming this April 

The Letter Writers Society is hosting a 30 day Snail Mail Challenge this April! Starting April 1st, 2021 the challenge involves sending one card or letter every day for 30 days! Let’s spread the love! Give some JOY – share the cheer! What do you say?   How to get involved Login to the members site and visit the event page, list yourself as ‘going’ letterwriterssociety.com … Continue reading 30 day Snail Mail Challenge – coming this April 

Messie Mail’ Snail Mail community!

Messie Mail now has a Snail Mail community on Patreon! Whether you’re already an avid snail mailer or you’re someone looking for long term pen pals, the Messie Mail community is for you!  I know what it’s like to wait patiently by the mailbox wishing something other than junk or bills would come and make your day. Maybe you want to find a new penpal … Continue reading Messie Mail’ Snail Mail community!

Penpalling for Beginners: Where to find penpals

So, you’ve recently decided you quite fancy the idea of writing to a pen pal – in these strange times, distance communication just makes sense!! Where does one find a pen pal these days? As a child, I wrote to friends from school during the holidays. Then as a tween and early teen, I was connected to a student in Italy through my school. I … Continue reading Penpalling for Beginners: Where to find penpals